Cloudy With A Chance of Brain - Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth

Taming complexity in the cloud, with Kylie Fowler of ITAM Intelligence

August 18, 2021 Cloudsoft Season 1 Episode 4
Cloudy With A Chance of Brain - Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth
Taming complexity in the cloud, with Kylie Fowler of ITAM Intelligence
Show Notes

In this month's episode we talk to Kylie Fowler,  a leading consultant in the realm of IT and Software Asset Management, enabling companies to optimise their IT estate through best practice and maximise their investments in tech. Connect with Kylie on LinkedIn.

Joining Alasdair is Cloudsoft's Vicky Glynn, who spoke alongside Kylie at the DIGIT Cloud First conference in June 2021. We wanted to continue the conversation around Cloud's promise of simplicity and the complex, hybrid technology world most organisations actually inhabit.

Kylie, Vicky and Alasdair delve into this complex reality, and talk about how organisations can use new tactics like composability, alongside more traditional asset management strategies, to get their disparate technologies singing in harmony.

About the hosts

Alasdair Hodge (Principal Engineer and Solutions Architect at Cloudsoft) is a leading
authority in cloud, software applications and automation across all major cloud platforms, he has been engaged in the design and optimisation of cloud services in banking and finance and other service-based sectors such as telecoms, electronic design and supply-chain automation for over 12 years.

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Vicky Glynn (Head of Strategic Growth, Cloudsoft) has spent 20 years driving success for customers with large and complex IT estates, specialising in regulated industries. She is passionate about the benefits cloud and infrastructure solutions can bring, and on delivering technology solutions and services, in a no nonsense way, that help customers grow and innovate, ensuring they remain competitive and resilient in an increasingly complex market.

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About Cloudsoft

Cloudsoft specialise in applications, automation and the cloud. Our top-down, application-centric approach is what sets us apart and empowers our customers to tame their IT estates and drive real business value.

Our public cloud IT transformation expertise is embedded our Tempo cloud services, helping our clients to transform faster and exploit the benefits of cloud. We’re an active contributor to the Apache Brooklyn open source project, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with Well-Architected, Microsoft Workloads, DevOps Competencies, a FinOps Foundation Member and a FinOps Certified Service Provider.

Our flagship AMP software is a Digital Platform Conductor, enabling customers in Banking, Defence and other heavily regulated industries to cut through the complexity of their estates. This maximises value from their technology investments, drives down costs and reduces risks. Cloudsoft AMP is the only product which strategically manages applications throughout their lifecycles across hybrid infrastructures, regardless of environment or location.

We're based in Edinburgh, UK, but work with clients around the world.