Cloudy With A Chance of Brain - Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth

Adopting FinOps, with Joe Daly, Head of Community at the FinOps Foundation

March 25, 2022 Season 1 Episode 7
Cloudy With A Chance of Brain - Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth
Adopting FinOps, with Joe Daly, Head of Community at the FinOps Foundation
Show Notes

Joe Daly, Director of Community at the FinOps Foundation, joins the pod to discuss his FinOps journey, tackling cloud molehills before they become mountains and his top picks for a Scottish FinOps playlist.

This episode was recorded in late 2021 whilst Joe was in his previous role as Director of Cloud Optimization at Nationwide USA.

As an accountant by training, Joe approaches FinOps from a financial, rather than developer, background and took his first FinOps related role as Manager of Cloud Cost Optimisation at Cardinal Health back in 2016 - showing that the need for FinOps has been growing for a long time in Cloud computing terms!

“I’m not a technical engineer by training, I’m a tax accountant by training…that grew into a FinOps position pretty naturally”.

Joe understands that the benefits of cloud can be a double edged sword - its agility and its accessibility are what causes it to be a pain. Similarly, whilst conversations within businesses about the value of cloud often come down to cost reduction Joe argues that this is the wrong approach to long term value: “FinOPs should be leading you to driving value…cost control is often the entryway to FinOps but it’s not the end goal”.

  • Savings means ‘I can reduce your budget’ (budget line item which can be removed)
  • Cost avoidance - avoidance of future expense 
  • Value - means different things for different people in different companies. 

Cloud value is a combination of performance, execution and savings but is ultimately in the eye of your customer - what do they find valuable, what improved their experience?

Finally, Joe talks about why more non-developers should join the FinOps Foundation, particularly why he would love to see more procurement professionals join the Foundation as procurement is a huge part of the public cloud: “When you’re in the public cloud every engineer has just become a procurement professional”.

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